We have developed dozens of practical projects, from real applications and with functional prototypes.



Our results are paper publication, participation of fairs and congresses, course conclusion research, and others.



We partner with research institutions, companies and public institutions that support our initiatives.


About Group

Meet the people who are part of our group and our skills.



Arduino Course

4 hours

We teach an Arduino introductory course in a practical and interactive way for high school, technical and higher education students.

WorkShop of Design Thinking

4 hours

We promote lecture and workshop of Design Thinking and prototyping workshop...

Development Course of Mobile - Android

4 hours

We taught introductory course on mobile application development.

Our mission and vision


Generate scientifically based knowledge for various sectors of the economy that can benefit the community and contribute to the well-being of Brazilian society in general.


To be a high level applied research group for international standards that, inserted in the Faculty of Technology of São Carlos, interact with leading technologies - including the branches of entrepreneurship and innovation - identifying economic and social problems and proposing solutions that benefit Brazilian society as a whole.

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